Poor Hotel Amenities Hurt Consumers, Why Don’t You Choose Room Plus

The hotel industry is a irreversible trend in the middle and high-end, economic hotels will still exist, but they are all upgrading and iterative, and slowly develop to the high-end, because the current consumers are a new generation of travelers, showing young The trend of consumption, traditional consumption methods and hotel consumption habits are no longer adopted by consumers, they will pay more attention to quality and lifestyle.

But there are a lot of informal hotels, most of which are purchased from some unnamed brands, there are even bulk shampoos sold in petrol cans. The shampoos are actually mixture of surfactants, foaming agents and water.

So, is the inferior hotel amenities harmful to consumers? No doubt, yes. Many of the disposable shampoos in the hotel are very rough. Some places are even a large bottle and used as a shampooalso as a shower gel (the hotel so-called shampoo and bathing two in one), but when used, many people will have the scalp problem.

Some of the factors that affect hair loss are the PH value in the shampoo. If the acidity in the shampoo is too much, it will cause the hair to fall off, and the skin will be severely damaged. The alkaline in the shampoo Large, not only will cause dry hair, but also cause scalp damage and hair loss.

If the harmful substances in the shampoo are mainly lead, mercury and arsenic, and the state stipulates that they cannot exceed the standard, or even prohibit it, too much mercury will cause redness and swelling of the skin, which may cause skin ulceration or peeling. Excessive amounts of lead and arsenic are invisible from the surface of the skin, but excessive use can also cause damage to the skin.

The main component of shampoo is the surfactant, and its content directly affects the cleansing effect of shampoo. The content is small and the cleaning effect is not good. Since the price of the active is more expensive than other levels in the shampoo, generally poor quality shampoos often fail to meet the standard.

Hygiene indicators of shampoo are also very important. For example, microbiological indicators, if the total number of bacteria is not controlled, accidentally scratching the skin when washing the hair, it will cause infection, and it will cause redness or ulceration in serious cases.

In addition, if it is in shampoo If the pathogenic bacteria are not well controlled, they can also cause tetanus or blood-borne infectious diseases. However, since preservatives are added to the shampoo, and the preservative has a certain bactericidal effect on the bacteria, so far, no shampoo has been detected which seriously exceeds the standard.

Those poor hotel amenities bring so much harm to consumers, then what kind of hotel amenities should we choose? People who stayed hotel with Room Plus bath products, they will recommend you the Bergamot & Lemon Grass Series, which contains shampoo and conditioner.

Bergamot essential oil is specially added to Room Plus Naturals Bergamot & Lemon Grass Series products. It has healty benefits of effective sterilization and disinfection, rapid skin regeneration and first skin care and protection, which make body cleansing and care healthier.

Meanwhile, the refreshing aroma of lemon grass contributes to strengthening physical stamina, feeling less fatigued, dissipating apathy and laziness and improving interest. This series of products will make you feel invigorating everyday and easier to fall asleep every night.

Hotel amenities bring guests a sense of three-dimensionality of sight, smell and touch. It is also the most practical small souvenir that you can take with you when you leave the store. With a large number of European and American brands entering the Chinese market, customers are becoming more aware of the brand.

Room Plus product formula is derived from the United Kingdom, with a complete and scientific quality management system, devoted to providing the business travelers with the best toiletries, and pleasant surprise in a journey.

Next time when you decide to put down your work and enjoy the perfect trip, I hope that you can stay in a hotel with Room Plus hotel amenities, so that you can sleep comfortably while traveling happily.

Travel to London, You Deserve to Stay Hotel with “British Style” Room Plus

Last weekend, Tina went out to London for sightseeing in London, there are many royal landmarks in London. For example, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Westminster Temple let you experience the true side of the world’s most famous royal family. Friends who like museums and art, London has a large selection of top-level pavilions that are free or open at low prices. The British Museum, the National Gallery of Britain, the Natural History Museum, and the Tate Gallery are each a top culture trip. Walking through the streets of London, Tina experienced the charm of the city, with its many historic streets, colorful squares and vibrant parks, all of which are the best in London.

Tina feels that London is a warm city, and sometimes strangers will smile and say good morning when shopping…… Visitors in London are still as many as they have in the past. That makes vistors feel the citizens of the local cities shining in their eyes, giving people a sense of freshness and excitement. Tina watched the cars in the city come and go, the crowds surged, felt the air and people in different places, and felt the slow pace of life in this city.

The UK on the edge of the European landscape is a country full of charm. There is a long and complicated history, rich national culture, the attention of the royal family, the pleasant pastoral scenery and the authentic castle, as well as rock music, football, fashion and street fashion, together create a strong British style. “British style” is not just a clothing style, but also a cultural symbol.

London’s gentle and full of personality, restrained and avant-garde. The seemingly contradictory qualities are intertwined, and inadvertently achieve London’s unique temperament. More than 300 museums and galleries, more than 400 music scenes, let people indulge in the maze of art; countless churches immerse people in the solemn and mysterious religion; the cuisines of various countries and various bars are full of tricks Experienced; shoppers are squatting in tens of thousands of stores and countless marketplaces.

Every time Tina stays at a hotel, the first thing to do is to check the bottles and cans in the bathroom. Because according to her living experience, there is nothing more than they can explain the attitude and self-definition of the hotel. Most mature hotels have their own taste system, what Tina appreciates more is the choice of a hotel with Room Plus, which usually does not disappoint her.

People all over the world like British style bath products, such as Famous England Brand-Room Plus, the shampoo, hair & body wash, conditioner, etc. Foam of the shampoo is rich and delicate, and you only need to squeeze a few drops to get a thick and dense foam. Naturally moisturized, Room Plus hotel amenties is characterized by a variety of natural plants and natural extraction methods that allow the plant’s own essence to be collected and stored without damage.

The Room Plus Olive Real Cleansing, extracting essence from olive leaves, with incredible olive skin-beautify powder, Room Plus Olive Line products can completely clean and lastingly moisturize your skin. Their fine foam may clean your skin gently and quickly absorbed by it, and thus moisturize your skin, maintain long-lasting and stable balance of water and oil in the skin and make your skin fresh and natural.

Shopping in London, often you spend the same price, the cost of buying things is much higher than domestic goods. If you come to London during the discount season, you will be more surprised. Basically, you can buy your own heart with a price that is more than half cheaper than domestic ones. In addition, you can buy a lot of niche brands that are not good in China. London is an undisputed shopping paradise where almost everything can be bought. From expensive luxury goods to affordable mass goods, from high-tech computer products to handicrafts, there is nothing you can’t buy. But people all recommend to buy the “British style” product- Room Plus. Whether at home or in the hotel, a relaxing bathing process can completely relax your body and mind, which is good for night’s sleep, and it’s also a good time to get a healthy skin. For business people who often travel in different cities or countries, Room Plus is a good choice.

What Kind of Parent-child Hotel Can Make More Pleasant Journey

With the expansion of the tourism market and the increasing level of travel consumption, the parent-child tourism market is developing rapidly. Taking a child on a trip to expand knowledge and cultivate feelings is welcomed by more and more parent-child families. Accommodation is the core link of broadening the tourism profit chain. But what kind of parent-child hotel can give consumers a better sense of experience?

1. Attractive appearance

Colorful hotel facade

Brightly colored hotels can often catch the eye of children for the first time. The lego hotel, for example, is a classic example of how children are impressed by the colorful lego facade.

Castle exterior hotel

Castle-like hotels often evoke children immersed in fairy tales. Disney hotel, for example, attracts typical representatives of parent and child guests by its castle-like hotel architecture.

A hotel shaped by cartoon characters

In guest rooms and hotel facilities, the cartoon image is enlarged to create an impressive and attractive picture of the hotel. This method has been used in many hotels, such as the Disney animated art-themed hotel and all-star film hotels, which are deeply loved by parent-child customers.

2. Focus on hotel scene construction

As the focus of the image of the hotel, the hotel lobby atmosphere is significant.By thoroughly planting cartoon elements in the hotel lobby or setting up amusement facilities to quickly shorten the distance with children. The Disney hotel in Paris, for example, has taken advantage of the little mermaid and Mickey Mouse to win the hearts of children.

3. Create details and provide theme services everywhere

Create themed guest rooms

Select cartoon images that children of different genders like, such as HELLO KITTY, minions, pirates of the Caribbean, etc., to create a unified parent-child guest room with a theme, which has been a common way for parent-child hotels to attract parent-child customers and decorate guest rooms. In a hotel with a well-known theme park, young guests often have a variety of themed rooms to choose from.

4. Diversified business forms to create tourist destinations

Create an interactive parent-child project

Nestled in the breathtaking Aegean scenery of Crete, Porto Elounda De Luxe Resort is devoted to “child-centered” services. The children’s center, surrounded by olive trees, has indoor and outdoor areas, and two children’s play pools where children can learn how to grow vegetables, play scavenger hunts, and draw faces.

Provision of childcare services

With the frequent travel of parents and children, more and more hotels have launched professional childcare services so that parents can completely free themselves from the burden and make every member of the family worth remembering not only every second in the resort.

Children are a group that needs to be taken care of and individual attention. Therefore, the hotel should design details from the perspective of children, such as children’s bed, children’s bathrobe and slippers, children’s toothbrush and toothpaste, children’s bath products, etc., are all bonus points for parent-child hotel. To carefully prepare children’s toiletries, this should be the parent-child hotel that is different from other hotels is an essential feature.

The basic requirement that children wash bath things to should have has: (1) Unique infant formula: the skin of darling wants flimsiness more than adult skin, baby shampoo, bath dew, its the respect such as ph, excitant is to undertake strict requirement according to infant scalp characteristic, in order to minimize the infiltration of chemical substance. (2) Tear-free formula: children’s eyes and lacrimal glands have not been fully developed. The tear-free method can not only wash the hair but also do not stimulate the baby’s eyes. (3) Natural, safe formula: compared with chemical formula, plant formula is more guarded and gentler.

Compared with mature plants, primary plants contain more nutrients, concentrating all the essence of life, and are more suitable for children’s delicate skin. Room Plus is working on infant formula, no tears formula, natural safe formula fully integrated into its products. Room Plus has launched olive series, green tea series, chamomile series, and other products are all-natural plant essence, providing travelers with the best toiletries. Room plus brand series products make every member of the family have a more pleasant journey.

The Eternal Theme of Modern Hotel Development – Green, Environmentally Friendly

Now, with global atmospheric pollution and the increasingly severe air quality, the PM2.5 index has even become a selling point for many resort hotels. Some time ago, Chai Jing’s self-funded smog investigation film “Under the Sky” caused The social topic of heated discussion in China in the recent period. In past years, “environmental protection” has been integrated into all aspects of our lives, new energy vehicles, new energy buses, clean gas, and so on.

As an indispensable hotel for people to travel, nature can’t fall behind in ru san wen euan w n”environmental protection,” and environmentally friendly hotels are born.

What kind of hotel is it an environmentally friendly hotel?

With the concept of sustainable development, integrating environmental management into hotel management, using environmental protection, health and safety concepts, adhering to green management and cleaner production, and advocating for the protection of the ecological environment and the rational use of resources, can be called environmentally-friendly wine.

For environmentally friendly hotels, hotel facilities are indispensable. Many hotels use the Rosslyn brand because Rosslyn is green in the formulation and packaging. The use of more low-carbon packaging forms, the development of some degradable packaging.

Among them, the Rosslyn-Lavender series, lavender, which is “healing plants”, stands for “The Messenger of Light” and “The Energizer of Life”. Since ancient times, lavender has been loved for its elegant aroma and therapeutic effects. The light and bright herbal flowers and woods can purify and soothe the mind so that the bath can relieve the fatigue of the day and let Junan sleep and dream.

At the same time, when the hotel practices low-carbon, green, and environmental protection actions, it benefits from it. On the one hand, the state and many local government departments have been encouraging and inspiring enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions, and have corresponding policies to reward enterprises or reduce the costs associated with enterprises materially.

On the other hand, the hotel will have direct green benefits through environmentally friendly, low carbon, and green measures. For example, the hotel has an electronic signature system at the front desk. All guests use the touch screen tablet or mobile tablet to realize the whole process and paperless technology innovation. It is not only the sublimation of the customer experience and the development trend of the world hotel. And the pattern, it is the hotel’s green and environmentally friendly, saving paper. This alone keeps the hotel 80,000 sheets of paper per year.

According to the actual occupancy rate, the hotel can flexibly limit the nighttime operation of the hotel’s 8 elevators, saving energy. The hotel’s conversion of diesel used in the original boiler to natural gas has not only to reduce environmental pollution, but also the difference in price will at least reduce the hotel’s 30% expenses. Before customers stay in the hotel, the first thing to consider is the hotel facilities. Rosslyn can meet the customers’ needs for environmentally friendly products. From skincare to essential oils, all of them use pure natural plants, which have a better moisturizing effect and make people feel more comfortable — peace of mind.

The hotel’s low carbon, environmental protection, and green are not only a contribution to society but also a return to the company and humanity.