Introduction to the chemical and physical properties of boron nitride

Boron nitride is a layered material composed of SP2 hybrid atoms, and the van der Waals force acts between the layers. Although graphite and boron nitride have equal electrons, their properties are different due to the BN bond’s partial ions. Graphite is a conductor, but boron nitride has a semiconductor with a broad bandgap. In recent years, the application of boron nitride single-layer structure has become a hot topic. For example, the conductivity of graphite allows us to use carbon as a substrate to prepare materials for electrochemical energy storage.
After research, it was found that the possibility of using nano-sized graphite pores to prepare molecules and ionic devices. After extensive research by many scientists, one can change the electrical properties by controlling the size of the flakes. Another approach to study is to explore chemically altered graphite and similar materials. Chemical adsorption of hydrogen atoms and fully hydrogenated graphite on a single-layer sheet; the chemical adsorption of hydrogen atoms on graphite is predicted to be concentrated: when the coverage is low, the heat of chemical adsorption is positive, indicating that energy is required to form. However, once there is some adsorption, further adsorption is more natural, which ultimately leads to a harmful average heat of chemical adsorption. Although the weather of chemisorption of the graphite sheet on one side only changes with the curvature of the graphite sheet, it is always positive. However, the binding energy of fully hydrogenated graphite flakes is relatively low. From the description and the similar bond between boron nitride and graphite, problems concerning the existence and properties of boron nitride-like boron carbonitride BC2N, and its fully hydrogenated derivative BNH2 can be found. Boron nitride has a ground state of zinc blende and also has a hexagonal metastable state equivalent to graphite. Trunnano is one of the world’s largest nitride manufacturers. Boron nitride is one of the leading products. If you are interested in boron nitride, please contact Dr. Leo, email: