The Application Of Nanoparticles In Magnetic Materials

Nanoparticles refer to particles with a particle size between 1-100nm (nanoparticles are also called ultrafine particles). It belongs to the category of colloidal particle size. They are in the transition zone between clusters of atoms and macroscopic objects, between the microscopic system and the macroscopic system. They are groups composed of a small number of atoms or molecules, so they are neither typical microscopic systems nor typical macroscopic systems.


There are many applications in magnetic materials, for example: Nano particles can be used as permanent magnet materials, magnetic recording materials and magnetic fluid materials.


The nanoparticle volume effect enables materials that are usually sintered at high temperatures, such as SiC, WC, BC, etc., to be sintered at a relatively low temperature in the nanometer state to obtain a high-density sintered body.


On the other hand, because nanoparticles have the sintering characteristics of low-temperature sintering, high fluidity, and large sintering shrinkage, they can be used as an active agent in the sintering process to accelerate the sintering process, reduce the sintering temperature, and shorten the sintering time. For example, ordinary tungsten wire powder must be sintered at a high temperature of 3000 ℃, and after adding 0.1 to 0.5% of nano-nickel powder, the sintering temperature can be reduced to 1200 to 1311 ℃.

How To Inspect Bearings

Is the chamfer uniform

The so-called chamfer of the bearing is the junction of the horizontal plane and the vertical plane. Due to the limitation of production technology, the counterfeit bearing products are not handled satisfactorily at these corners and corners. We can easily distinguish this.

Bearing packaging

The packaging is divided into inner packaging and outer packaging. After the bearings are manufactured and passed the inspection, they will be cleaned and anti-rust treated, and then placed in the inner packaging to achieve waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof, and maintain the quality and accuracy of the bearing And the purpose of facilitating use and sales.

IKO bearing corporation of Japan has 50 years history

IKO bearing corporation of Japan has 50 years history, it is a professional bearing manufacturer and supplier good at the needle bearings and linear guide bearing, all over the world enjoy its high reputation, it is Japan’s oldest and most complete varieties of the highest level, professional production manufacturer in needle bearing; The four-row cylindrical roller overloaded guide bearing created by IKO card law is famous in the world. IKO KT222617 products are widely used in machine tools and car, motorcycle, printing machines, industrial robots and construction equipment, etc.

What Is A Spherical Roller Bearing?

Spherical roller bearings have two rows of symmetrical spherical rollers, the outer ring has a common spherical raceway, and the inner ring has two raceways inclined at an angle to the bearing axis. It has good alignment performance. When the shaft is stressed The bearing can still be used normally when bent or installed out of center. Alignment varies with bearing size series. Generally, the allowable alignment angle is 1~2.5 degrees.

This type of bearing has a large load capacity, except for the radial load. The outer bearing can also withstand the axial load acting in both directions and has good impact resistance. Generally speaking, the allowable working speed of the spherical roller bearing is lower.

SKF HMV 29E/A101 bearing

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