General steps regarding bearing selection

The choice of bearing is an important, meticulous, and intricate technical work that includes the option of bearing structure, performance selection, and calculation of service life. Although there is no hard order and rules for selecting bearings, the general selection steps are the same.

     Many factors need to Choose the right bearing from a variety of structures and sizes be considered:

    1. The requirements of the structure, performance, and use conditions of the machine itself on rolling bearings Consider the aging life of lubricating grease, temperature, medium, speed, applied load, vibration, shock, and economy.

    2. Select the type, structure, clearance, tolerance level, and noise level of the bearing according to the host’s requirements.

    3. Life calculation According to the external load and other specific working conditions of the bearing, such as multi-speed, variable load, impact, vibration, calculate the necessary dynamic load C of the required bearing and then determine the specific specifications of the bearing according to the basic dynamic load rating. Model. It can also be based on the requirements of mechanical structure and working conditions, after preliminary selection of bearing specifications and models, and then check the bearing life and limit speed to meet the needs.

    4. The allowable static load rating C0 determined by the calculation is based on the mechanical working conditions to determine the necessary technical supplementary requirements, such as the lubrication method and grease life, the accuracy of rotation (swing), the order and method of installation and disassembly, etc.

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