A big tree—cold cucumber in sauce

The fresh and refreshing cucumber, after being sliced, rolled, and placed on the plate, immediately presents a picture: a big tree, leafy, green, peasant who worked for a day, or holding a farm animal, or sitting in a tree Under the quiet, enjoying the touch of nature, it seems that the tiredness of the day has vanished at that moment. A big tree, a green blessing, your heart is in the blue sky, and you are in love with the fertile soil.

Ingredients: cucumber, peanuts, tomatoes
1) Prepare all materials: cucumber, peeler, chopping board. Thoroughly clean the cucumber and the tools and chopping boards to be used.
2) Plan the cucumber into strips with a peeler.
3) After salting for 2 minutes, the cucumber will become softer and easier to roll up.
4) Roll it into a roll with a finger, place the plate, and put peanuts and tomatoes.
5) Pour some oil in the pan. After the oil is hot, add the ginger and shallots and stir fry a few times. Add the sugar, soy sauce, chili sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, oyster sauce and chicken essence.
6) Pour the seasoning on the good cucumber and finish it. Cucumber juice is more delicious.