Best Smart Water Bottle Reviews

In our current life, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and work pressures are increasing. Sometimes we are sitting more in front of computers and dealing with various things. However, drinking water has become something we often forget.

Nowadays, people’s requirements for their own health are getting higher and higher. Young people should pay attention to their lifestyle and develop good habits of exercising. Exercise on time every day and develop habits will greatly benefit their health. Thirst indicates that the body is dehydrated, and it is too late to rehydrate.

According to surveys and studies, people with regular drinking habits have significantly less disease than people who do not drink water regularly. Therefore, the elderly, stroke patients, and pregnant women, adolescents, and infants who need more water should develop the habit of drinking water on time. Best Smart water bottle can help them at this time.

What are the features of the best smart water bottle.

1. Drinking water reminder.

This is a must-have feature for all smart water bottles. It records your daily water consumption and reminds you to drink water through the mobile phone app or the “drop” sound of the water bottle. It can also calculate the daily drinking water for individuals based on your age, height, and weight, so you always know how much water you need to drink daily to maintain your health.

2. Water temperature detection.

Some smart water bottles have a built-in temperature sensor that can detect the temperature of the water to prevent burns caused by overheating the water. For example, the LED indicator on the bottle reminds you to show different colors according to the temperature of the liquid.

3. Drink identification.

Some smart water bottles can detect the liquid in the water bottle. By using non-contact liquid recognition detection technology, the liquid in the water bottle can be accurately identified, including tea, cola and beer.

4. Water quality testing.

Drinking healthy water can ensure the health of the body. Therefore, smart water bottles that can detect the quality of water have appeared. Many companies have developed water quality detection functions that can quickly detect the PPM value of the water in the cup (how many impurities are contained in one liter of water), and easily identify counterfeit and inferior pure water.

5. Optimize water quality.

Some smart water bottles can also optimize water quality. The water bottle has a built-in 390 UV lamp, which has a sterilization efficiency of 99% -99.99% and a sterilization time <1S. It is a safe water bottle that can kill bacteria and harmful substances in water.

6. Medication reminder.

Usually we take medicine three times a day, of course, there are two times. The smart water bottle has a customized voice medication reminder. You can customize the settings according to the number of times you take the medicine and the time of taking the medicine, so that you will not forget to take the medicine. And delay the illness.

7. Radio function.

The radio is a favorite of many elderly people, but the traditional radios are very large. With the smart water bottle, the radio is not needed.

8. Player function.

Just put a memory card on the cup lid, download the songs you like to listen to, and just use a smart water cup when you go out.

9. calendar and temperature display function.

When there is water in the cup, the temperature of the water in the cup will be displayed. Usually, the optimal temperature for drinking water is 10 to 30 degrees. When there is no water in the cup, the ambient temperature is displayed, so that every time you go out, you don’t need to watch the weather forecast, you only need a smart water bottle to have such multi-function.