Black pepper steak

1) The pan is hot and a little oily. It is said that the olive oil is the best. I don’t have it. I use the rapeseed oil from my hometown. There is a little trick: you can pour the steak with a fork while you fry. You can also add some red wine, but it feels like the color of the steak with red wine will be black, maybe white wine is better! Moving the pan while frying, on the one hand, can make the steak more evenly heated, on the other hand, because the pan is actually low in the middle, so that the oil around can be returned to the middle, and it will be fried until the aroma More and more concentrated, to achieve the satisfaction of their own color. I like to be fully cooked.

2) After the steak is cooked, continue to stir the mushrooms. Cook the broccoli and carrots in salted water for a while. Broccoli is cooked more than carrot slices, so go to the pot first.
3) Add the steak sauce to the steak before the pot, and fry on both sides for a short while. The sauce will turn black when the sauce is long. The shiitake mushrooms are fried and can’t be seen under the broccoli. The most important thing about fried steak is the heat, which is no different from frying an egg. Buying cold-chain steaks online, a dozen or twenty dollars a piece is already very good, why do you still run Western restaurants?