Chicken Wings Stewed with Chinese Yam

For mothers, it is one of the greatest wishes for their children not to be picky and eat more. It is even more important for mothers who want nutrition. Children eat well and grow intellectually but not physically. To do this is not only related to their natural constitution and proper exercise, but also to their diet. My son was also very weak and sick when he was young, but I couldn’t cook at that time. I was anxious in my eyes. I just pointed at my old family and could not cook. I had to match it by myself. So I groped slowly and made a meal that the whole family liked but had less sugar and oil and salt.

In meat, chicken is tender and refreshing, and chicken wings are more enjoyable. Occasionally I also make some roast fried chicken wings, but I prefer stewed chicken wings because they are tender and tender, and the taste is richer with soup, and seasonal vegetables are delicious with meat flavor. Like today’s pot of braised chicken wings, with green and yellow peppers, the color jumped out at once, very eye-catching, attractive appetite.

1) Clean the chicken wings and pull two flower knives on each side to make it tasty. Cut scallions and ginger slices, garlic can be put in more places, the whole grain is not cut.

2) Pour a little oil in the iron pan, stir-fry onions, ginger and garlic in the pan to give a fragrance; then stir-fry chicken wings in the pan, shrink chicken skin to produce a little oil, the edge is slightly golden;

3) pour in the appropriate amount of cooking wine to remove the fishy smell, then pour in the appropriate amount of salt, soy sauce, raw and seasoned flavor, and pour in a bowl of hot water; be sure to use warm water or hot water, stir with cold water, the chicken hardens and tastes bad, while pouring cold water into the hot pot is also harmful to the pot, reducing the pot’s service life; after boiling, cover the soup, turn to a small heat, and simmer for 10 minutes;

4) When stewing chicken wings, peel green and yellow peppers and cut thick strips, slice carrots, and soak the peeled sections of yam in cool water to prevent oxidation and blackening from affecting beauty.

5) First stir-fry yam in a pot for 2 minutes, then add green and yellow peppers and carrots in a chicken fin pot, and then stir and evenly out of the pot. The colorful chicken wings with beautiful color, fragrance and taste are ready. The soup is sprinkled on the rice a little more. Beier fragrance. Nine chicken wings actually make a big pot, and there is no soup left.