Construction of “Walking Cloud Top” Wall-hanging Glass Trestle in Tianzhu Mountain, Anhui Province

China-Singapore Network Hefei, March 11 (Chen Xingwang) Anhui Tianzhushan Scenic Area Management Committee, 11, said that 5A Scenic Area Tianzhushan Scenic Area, the main peak scenic area Dongguan kilometer cliff trestle construction and cargo transport trail was completed a few days ago.
So far, the main body of the stack has entered the construction period, and is expected to be completed and opened in two years, which will add a new place for Tianzhu Mountain to deal with cliffs and experience “cloud walk”.

The trestle road is located on the side of Tianshi Peak and Shaoshi Peak at an altitude of 1200 meters. It begins at Queqiao Bridge in Dongguan.
It passes through the 1000-meter cliff of Tianshi Peak and Shaoshi Peak to Jicuigu Cable Road Station. Its total length is 420 meters. It is paved by cement and glass sections. It also has many glass viewing platforms, which connect the back mountain with the five passes of “East, South, West, North and General”, and will open Tianzhu Mountain “east to west” or “out of west”.“ The Great Ring Line of Travel from West to East.

Dongguan is adjacent to Houshan Scenic Area in the East and Xiguan in the west. It is famous for its majesty and steepness. It has more than ten peaks over kilometers and many deep valleys and gorges. It is primitive and simple with few people. The forthcoming Jicui Valley Cableway and Dongguan Trestle Road will give visitors the scenery of Dongguan and Houshan, which are “visible and not obscene”. The tour line has thousands of walls, a large number of ancient pines on the precipice, cliffs crossing the peak, a wide view, West can overlook Tianzhu Shanxi Guan Group Peak, East can be expected to back mountain ten thousand mu bamboo sea.