Different Usage of Wire Nails

Wire nails are predominantly used for heavy-duty and rough construction work. The nails come in different types such as round wire nails and oval wire nails. The round types are often used for carpentry where raw strength is required, while appearance is less important. A round wire nail is designed to effectively split up pieces of wood, and is usually between 0.75 and 6 inches in length (20-150 mm). An oval wire nail, on the other hand, is often used in joinery work and can easily penetrate the surface of the material. When appearance matters, use an oval wire nail. These ones come in sizes from 0.5 to 6 inches (12-150 mm).

Steel is most often used to produce nails, although metals like brass and aluminum are also popular among manufacturers. There is usually no new design work required in today’s nail production, and nails are quickly produced in a masse using a high speed nail making machine. The raw materials used are required to meet specific standards where yield strength, chemical composition, corrosion resistance, hardness and other properties are concerned. Regarding properties and dimensions, nails also need to meet specific criteria during manufacture. For this purpose, methods such as statistical process controls are used.

A multitude of uses

During the manufacturing process of wire nails, gripper marks are left behind on the shaft, just below the head. This provides an extra grip, and prevents the nail from being pulled out of the material. Common workers can easily operate a nail making machine after having seen a short demonstration. The nails themselves, on the other hand, can be used by pretty much anyone. Any handy person with a knack for fixing things appreciates well-made wire nails for a multitude of purposes, whether they are professional carpenters or amateurs. You will often find wire nails hammered into pallets, roof trusses and all kinds of woodwork in general. People even use them to hang pictures up on walls in their homes.

In professional capacities, the use of wire nails is in no way restricted only to woodwork, but also used with drywall, concrete, plastic, etc. The nails are a much used tool among masons and builders. Different types of wire nails are used in different capacities and serve different purposes. As a general rule, wires are easy to handle but should be treated with caution. The way we make them at Super Wire Machine Co., Ltd, you are guaranteed top-notch quality.