Functions Of The Best Smart Water Bottle

How important is water to people? It seems that there is no necessary discussion at all, but in fact, we often ignore the importance of water.

On the importance of drinking water, drinking water is one of the maintenance of people’s living conditions. Generally, people drink eight to ten glasses of water a day. If the water is insufficient, it will directly hinder the normal flow of fluids in the body during metabolism. So basically now everyone will bring a water glass with them. There are various types of water bottle on the market, such as: thermos cups, glass cups, ceramic cups, etc. With the development of technology, a smart water bottle has been developed. The product’s intelligent and complete functions have brought a lot of convenience to people. With superb sensing technology, it has won the favor of consumers. Today I will introduce the functions of it.

Introduction of the best smart water bottle.

An smart water bottle includes a bottle lid, a bottle body, and a bottle bottom. 

The bottle cover is provided with a storage area for storing tablets; the bottle body is embedded with an intelligent control system, and the intelligent control system includes a control chip, the control chip connect with display module, button module, alarm module, communication module, and storage module for displaying time.

The display module is disposed on the surface of the bottle body. The button module includes a minute adjustment button, an hour adjustment button, an emergency alarm button, and information feedback button; 

Features of Smart Water Bottle.

Core function: water quality monitoring and early warning.

The smart water bottle can detect water quality. The water quality monitoring technology also uses STDS sensors and accurate algorithms to obtain water quality data in the water cup for detection. At the same time, the water bottle is equipped with a TFT true color screen, and the real-time water quality PPM value is directly displayed on the water bottle color screen. In addition, real-time data such as water temperature, water volume, and drinking water can be used without APP. Just one tap, all kinds of drinking water data are clear at a glance.

The hidden dangers of drinking water permeate everyone’s side. If other soluble substances accidentally fall into the cup and cannot be seen by the naked eye, the smart water bottle will remind you: there is a foreign body in the cup, please do not drink. These functions are of great help to those who have higher requirements for water quality, such as children, pregnant women, patients, and the elderly.

Intimate reminders, drinking water on time, color screen interaction, invitation toast.

As a smart water bottle, of course, the most basic timed reminder service can’t be missed. Girls who drink water according to a fixed standard for a day can stop counting their time and wait for their cups to call you to drink.

I believe that you have a deeper understanding of the best smart water bottle now. When you buy, try to choose some well-known brands. You can also go to the store to buy and consult professionals. You can consult the professionals how to use it to make the most of its functions. A smart water bottle is like an intimate friend who will give you the most intimate reminder when necessary.