Hand-made steamed pumpkin pie

Pumpkin cake is a very common snack, which is usually fried by everyone. Change the taste today, come and steam. No mold is needed. No oil is needed. Make a nice and delicious pumpkin pie with a toothpick.

1) Fresh pumpkin peeled. We try to choose the sweetness of the noodles in the choice of pumpkin, cut into appropriate thick slices.
2) Steam on the steamer until it is completely cooked. For about 15 minutes, use a spoon to compress it into a paste.
3) Add flour and dried filial piety. This pumpkin will have a lot of water, so we don’t need to add water. Add glutinous rice flour. Stir in a flocculent shape. Adding glutinous rice flour will taste better.

4) 7 Repeat this dough. Take a piece and fold it into a circle.
5) Prepare a toothpick. Put it under pressure, then press him to press out the outline of the pumpkin. This is very simple. When you press it, you should pay attention to it. Don’t press it too hard.
6) Put a plaque in the middle to decorate.