Make a Rose with Mango

Beautiful food always makes people have a good mood. Mango roses can be used to decorate Chinese food. They can also be used to decorate western food. They are very eye-catching and can also be used as fruit after meals. Do you like it? If you like it, just learn it.

Ingredients: Big Mango Kiwi
1) Prepare a large mango. Peel the mango.
2) Cut the knife from one end and take the mango meat on both sides of the core against the other side of the mango.
3) At the end of the mango meat, start cutting the sheet with a knife and cut all the pieces in turn.
4) Take a small piece and roll it up to make a flower core.
5) From small pieces to large pieces in turn, into a flower pattern.
6) Finally, you can cut a few kiwifruit leaves and make the petals of mango roses as beautiful as possible.

  1. Don’t choose too soft mango, choose mature, feel a little harder, cut as thin as possible.
  2. People with skin diseases and inflammation are not suitable for eating mangoes.