Mushroom, minced meat, steamed egg

1) Wash the surface impurities with dried mushrooms and soak them until soft.
2) Soaked mushrooms are cut into small Ding, so the water of the shiitake mushrooms should not be thrown away, and it is useful.
3) Pork diced, add a little starch, soy sauce, pepper and grab. Add a little oil and mix well.
4) Carrot diced. Hot pot of cold oil, sautéed onion ginger. Marinated meat foam.
5) Stir the fragrance. Under the carrot, stir fry red oil. The diced mushrooms are sautéed and sautéed.
6) Add some soy sauce and stir well. Add water to the mushrooms.
7) Add less water to the shiitake mushroom, and it is enough to have no bottom. Medium to small fire to the soup to dry, turn off the fire.
8) Take a flat-bottomed container, pour a little vegetable oil, use it to prevent the eggs from sticking to the plate, and also increase the aroma of the finished product.
9) Put half of the fried mushroom diced in the middle and enter 6 eggs in all directions.
10) Spread the mushroom diced at the interval between the egg yolk and the egg yolk. Into the steamer, steam for ten minutes.
11) Prepare the sauce when steaming the egg: 1 tbsp soy sauce +1 tbsp vinegar +1 tsp sugar + a little sesame oil, mix well and serve.
12) Steamed good look, add some chopped green onion, simmer, and topped with the tasted juice to eat.