Poor Hotel Amenities Hurt Consumers, Why Don’t You Choose Room Plus

The hotel industry is a irreversible trend in the middle and high-end, economic hotels will still exist, but they are all upgrading and iterative, and slowly develop to the high-end, because the current consumers are a new generation of travelers, showing young The trend of consumption, traditional consumption methods and hotel consumption habits are no longer adopted by consumers, they will pay more attention to quality and lifestyle.

But there are a lot of informal hotels, most of which are purchased from some unnamed brands, there are even bulk shampoos sold in petrol cans. The shampoos are actually mixture of surfactants, foaming agents and water.

So, is the inferior hotel amenities harmful to consumers? No doubt, yes. Many of the disposable shampoos in the hotel are very rough. Some places are even a large bottle and used as a shampooalso as a shower gel (the hotel so-called shampoo and bathing two in one), but when used, many people will have the scalp problem.

Some of the factors that affect hair loss are the PH value in the shampoo. If the acidity in the shampoo is too much, it will cause the hair to fall off, and the skin will be severely damaged. The alkaline in the shampoo Large, not only will cause dry hair, but also cause scalp damage and hair loss.

If the harmful substances in the shampoo are mainly lead, mercury and arsenic, and the state stipulates that they cannot exceed the standard, or even prohibit it, too much mercury will cause redness and swelling of the skin, which may cause skin ulceration or peeling. Excessive amounts of lead and arsenic are invisible from the surface of the skin, but excessive use can also cause damage to the skin.

The main component of shampoo is the surfactant, and its content directly affects the cleansing effect of shampoo. The content is small and the cleaning effect is not good. Since the price of the active is more expensive than other levels in the shampoo, generally poor quality shampoos often fail to meet the standard.

Hygiene indicators of shampoo are also very important. For example, microbiological indicators, if the total number of bacteria is not controlled, accidentally scratching the skin when washing the hair, it will cause infection, and it will cause redness or ulceration in serious cases.

In addition, if it is in shampoo If the pathogenic bacteria are not well controlled, they can also cause tetanus or blood-borne infectious diseases. However, since preservatives are added to the shampoo, and the preservative has a certain bactericidal effect on the bacteria, so far, no shampoo has been detected which seriously exceeds the standard.

Those poor hotel amenities bring so much harm to consumers, then what kind of hotel amenities should we choose? People who stayed hotel with Room Plus bath products, they will recommend you the Bergamot & Lemon Grass Series, which contains shampoo and conditioner.

Bergamot essential oil is specially added to Room Plus Naturals Bergamot & Lemon Grass Series products. It has healty benefits of effective sterilization and disinfection, rapid skin regeneration and first skin care and protection, which make body cleansing and care healthier.

Meanwhile, the refreshing aroma of lemon grass contributes to strengthening physical stamina, feeling less fatigued, dissipating apathy and laziness and improving interest. This series of products will make you feel invigorating everyday and easier to fall asleep every night.

Hotel amenities bring guests a sense of three-dimensionality of sight, smell and touch. It is also the most practical small souvenir that you can take with you when you leave the store. With a large number of European and American brands entering the Chinese market, customers are becoming more aware of the brand.

Room Plus product formula is derived from the United Kingdom, with a complete and scientific quality management system, devoted to providing the business travelers with the best toiletries, and pleasant surprise in a journey.

Next time when you decide to put down your work and enjoy the perfect trip, I hope that you can stay in a hotel with Room Plus hotel amenities, so that you can sleep comfortably while traveling happily.