Review of The Best Smart Water Bottle

In recent years, smart home products such as smart bracelets and smart water bottles have appeared on the market. The emergence of smart home products is not unfounded, because of the development of economy and technology, consumers are increasingly concerned about health and safety issues. Among them, the smart water bottle is an emerging product, and many people still don’t understand its usage. Today, I will take the best smart water bottle with good quality, multiple functions, and high sales among many intelligent water cups as an example to explain the purpose of the intelligent water bottle and how is a smart water bottle different from a traditional thermos cup.

Water temperature display: Avoid the danger of burns.

Traditional thermos cups have no water temperature display, and I believe many people have experienced burns from drinking water. The water temperature display function of the smart water bottle is displayed on the screen of the cup in real time. Knowing the water temperature at all times allows you to avoid the danger of being burned. If the temperature is too high, there is a high temperature warning display, and a bold red icon reminds you!

Water quality testing: Pay attention to drinking water safety.

The water quality detection function of the smart water bottle can help us to detect the ppm value of drinking water. Social development has improved our quality of life, but also brought environmental pollution, air pollution, water pollution and so on to our life. We can’t talk about the quality of drinking water with the naked eye. The smart water bottle has a water quality detection function that can help us detect the ppm value of drinking water and accurately display the data on the water cup screen, making drinking water safer. The water quality detection function is like adding a guarantee for safe drinking water. Don’t worry about drinking inferior water!

Drinking reminder: scientific drinking reminder.

In the fast-food era, a meal can be quickly completed in two or three minutes. People have forgotten to take time to drink water. Smart water bottle’s target users are often busy office workers and students, especially those who often need to work overtime, often forget to drink water as soon as they get busy, and as a result, their physical health is gradually decreasing. According to medical advice, a person should drink 2L of water a day, and must not wait until they feel thirsty before drinking. According to scientific research, when you drink water when you feel thirsty, the body is already about 2% dehydrated. The smart water cup can remind users to drink water in time through the built-in program in the chip, and help users to develop scientific drinking habits through scientific drinking reminders. It also records the amount of water consumed each time. The smart water bottle can remind the user of scientific drinking water at any time, and remind the user that it is time to drink water through a “didi” ringtone and a green reminder drinking icon. It is like a loyal steward, a professional personal doctor, so that your body can replenish water in time, and help you develop a scientific drinking habit, strengthen the body’s immune system, and do not sacrifice health for work.

Social interaction: Drinking glasses can also be fun.

The traditional water bottle is just a container filled with water, and has no other function than drinking water. Nowadays, the function of smart water bottle is more and more diversified. The smart water bottle also has the function of social interaction, and you can use one water cup to socialize. Smart water bottle sends funny expressions or drinking reminders to friends water cups through the app. The smart bottle can not only drink water, but also socialize with friends! The smart water cup breaks the boringness of the traditional water cup that can only drink water. A multi-purpose cup and a multi-purpose cup are reflected in the smart water bottle. 

The emergence of smart water bottle is based on the pain points of users. The development of science and technology has created the production of smart water bottle in the market. The smart water bottle combines technological intelligence and emotional interaction. Make the user experience more complete! Those smart water bottles are smarter than traditional water cups, pay more attention to drinking water safety, and think more about what users want. The emergence of smart water cups is more warm and human, and these are all we need!