Steamed squid with onion oil

1) The bass is cleaned and the front back is knifed. The ginger slices are inserted into the incision of the knife. A shallot is stuffed into the belly of the fish. Spread with wine, salt, chicken essence and white pepper and marinate for 10 minutes.

2) After marinating, steaming the pan and turning to low heat for 15 minutes (about 1.5 kilograms of bass I bought, if you buy a bigger fish, please extend the steaming time as appropriate, chopsticks can be inserted into the fish smoothly, even if cooked, steamed for too long, the fish will be old, not fresh and tender).

3) Steamed fish reserve, fish dish, pour out the soup when steamed fish reserve.

4) Steamed fish soup with two spoons of Steamed Soy Sauce oil, one spoon of cooking wine, a little salt, chicken essence and sugar into a bowl of juice. If you think the soup is less, you can add some water, but not too much.

5) Heat the bottom oil in the pan, pour in the prepared bowl sauce and cook. Sprinkle a handful of scallions before turning off the fire. Sprinkle the scallion sauce on the fish while it is hot.

6) Sprinkle some shallots, light and salty, spicy onions, tender and smooth fish, beautiful color, you can quickly make it for your family.