Super cute lamb fruit platter

Good looks, good looks! In this era of all aspects of the good looks, even the plate needs to look at the face! Dear, have you ever thought of using a variety of colorful and nutritious fruits to make a high-quality platter? The fruits are no longer satisfied with the ordinary stay on the plate! If you don’t dress them up, the fruit will be revolutionized on the plate!

1) Wash the strawberries, control the water, take two strawberries, each of which is cut into two halves, two of which are the heads of the two sheep, and the remaining two halves are divided into two by the knife. Sheep ears and 8 leg lambs, you can add two more sheep tails
2) Place a nice strawberry on a good looking dish.
3) Put the scented cream in the squid bag, cut a small mouth and start to pull out the head and body of the sheep. The body should be taller and bulging to have a three-dimensional effect.
4) Cut the apple into thin slices, cut into a mountain shape, put it together, put it into a mountain peak, slice the strawberry vertically, use the beautiful pattern texture inside the strawberry to decorate the effect, make the nearby woods, and then drown the water. Pickled asparagus, choose a few places and put them in the right place to make small grass
5) 5 Use the seaweed or chocolate condensed milk to draw the notes and wires behind, and cut the flowers with red apples to make the wire tower. Ha, the story of the “we…” of the two sheep was so on the plate. When we eat fruit, we can also create beauty to give people a visual enjoyment, enhance the level of eating, and get a double enjoyment. Is it very interesting?