The Eternal Theme of Modern Hotel Development – Green, Environmentally Friendly

Now, with global atmospheric pollution and the increasingly severe air quality, the PM2.5 index has even become a selling point for many resort hotels. Some time ago, Chai Jing’s self-funded smog investigation film “Under the Sky” caused The social topic of heated discussion in China in the recent period. In past years, “environmental protection” has been integrated into all aspects of our lives, new energy vehicles, new energy buses, clean gas, and so on.

As an indispensable hotel for people to travel, nature can’t fall behind in ru san wen euan w n”environmental protection,” and environmentally friendly hotels are born.

What kind of hotel is it an environmentally friendly hotel?

With the concept of sustainable development, integrating environmental management into hotel management, using environmental protection, health and safety concepts, adhering to green management and cleaner production, and advocating for the protection of the ecological environment and the rational use of resources, can be called environmentally-friendly wine.

For environmentally friendly hotels, hotel facilities are indispensable. Many hotels use the Rosslyn brand because Rosslyn is green in the formulation and packaging. The use of more low-carbon packaging forms, the development of some degradable packaging.

Among them, the Rosslyn-Lavender series, lavender, which is “healing plants”, stands for “The Messenger of Light” and “The Energizer of Life”. Since ancient times, lavender has been loved for its elegant aroma and therapeutic effects. The light and bright herbal flowers and woods can purify and soothe the mind so that the bath can relieve the fatigue of the day and let Junan sleep and dream.

At the same time, when the hotel practices low-carbon, green, and environmental protection actions, it benefits from it. On the one hand, the state and many local government departments have been encouraging and inspiring enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions, and have corresponding policies to reward enterprises or reduce the costs associated with enterprises materially.

On the other hand, the hotel will have direct green benefits through environmentally friendly, low carbon, and green measures. For example, the hotel has an electronic signature system at the front desk. All guests use the touch screen tablet or mobile tablet to realize the whole process and paperless technology innovation. It is not only the sublimation of the customer experience and the development trend of the world hotel. And the pattern, it is the hotel’s green and environmentally friendly, saving paper. This alone keeps the hotel 80,000 sheets of paper per year.

According to the actual occupancy rate, the hotel can flexibly limit the nighttime operation of the hotel’s 8 elevators, saving energy. The hotel’s conversion of diesel used in the original boiler to natural gas has not only to reduce environmental pollution, but also the difference in price will at least reduce the hotel’s 30% expenses. Before customers stay in the hotel, the first thing to consider is the hotel facilities. Rosslyn can meet the customers’ needs for environmentally friendly products. From skincare to essential oils, all of them use pure natural plants, which have a better moisturizing effect and make people feel more comfortable — peace of mind.

The hotel’s low carbon, environmental protection, and green are not only a contribution to society but also a return to the company and humanity.