The Manufacturing of Concrete Nails

There are a few types of concrete nails. Well, maybe more than a few. You might work with them every day in one way or another, or maybe you are just a guy or gal withing “How it’s Made” was still on cable TV. Whatever reason, this article will teach you the ins and outs of how concrete nails are made as well as go over the basic process of a concrete nail making machine (spoiler alert).

The easiest way of manufacturing a concrete nail is through the use of what can be called a concrete nail making machine. What these machines do is take the wire from a previous machine. The wire is fed into the concrete nail making machine and is squeezed incredibly tight. it is then cut and the head is flattened, To be fair that is a condensed version of what happens but it is all you need to know for day-to-day life. These machines can cut nails at any desired length but different machines are used for different sized nails, for example, a one-inch nail is not made in the same machine as a colossal six-inch nail. These nails are then put into a nail polishing machine and then shipped off to your nearest Home Depot, Lowes or, more likely, amazon warehouse.

Depending on how high-end of a machine you want a concrete nail making machine can cost as little as $2,000 or as much as $10,000.In theory, you could buy a concrete nail making machine for yourself if you wanted to, but I doubt a lot of people have a personal use for a machine like that. If you are looking for one though it would be beneficial to know a few things to look out for. First off basic things like warranties and customer service are vital. Such a large investment, it would be a shame if that money went away with the wind. A standard warranty is about a year but there is always variation.

As far as the actual nail goes a machine that heats up or cools off to much can damage the final product. Additionally, a machine that has an inconsistent temperature profile can shorten the lifespan of the machine overall. A few companies will talk about suing imported parts, gears and metal that are from a different country as a stamp of quality. This is not super common but it is not uncommon either. All this means is the machine is made well and will last a long time provided it is taken care of well. A few other things to look for include automatic feeding, this means the concrete nail making machine can be fed material automatically and does not require a person moving the wire from one machine to the next. Lastly, a few machines brag about self-lubricating. This is fantastic, it helps with maintenance over time and is less hassle on the operator. However, that does not mean you should never self-maintenance of the machine. at the end of the day, it is a machine and machines are almost never perfect. If you obtain a machine that is self-lubricating please take the time to read the manual and service it at regular intervals, if not to protect the machine, to protect yourself!