The simplest ingredients to make the most classic taste braised pork rice

1) Prepare a piece of pork belly and cut it. If you are tired, you can throw away the right amount of fat. Obviously I throw it in half. The pork belly I bought is fat.
2) Add a large spoonful of cooking wine, a large spoonful of soy sauce, a small spoonful of half salt, marinated evenly, and refrigerated overnight in the refrigerator.
3) 3 red onion heads cut diagonally. Be sure to use the red onion, it will be rich in aroma.
4) 4 medium and small fire fried into scallions, and scallion, spare.
5) Stir-fried diced with diced green onion and fry until slightly charred. If you are tired, you can throw out excess oil and throw it away.
6) Add wine, soy sauce and fry, add onion and crisp.
7) Add an appropriate amount of boiling water and simmer for less than an hour. You can move it to a casserole or an electric pressure cooker, or you can continue to use the wok.
8) After one hour, the sauce is rich and fragrant, poured on the rice and the meat is soft and rotten. The onion is full of rice and it is very tasty. I eat braised pork rice and don’t like the boiled rapeseed. I prefer to eat the bitter chrysanthemum lettuce with Chinese cabbage.