This kind of scallion noodles is delicious

1) 1 octagonal, small cinnamon, 10 pepper, 1/3 of green onion, and half of the onion are prepared in advance. If you don’t need so many spices, the spices in the ingredients will be ignored.
2) Scallion, green and green cut, separate to install. Open ocean / shrimp skin with cooking wine or yellow wine soaked for use.
3) Soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar ~ Ready to use, I use the amount of bowl, optimistic about the proportion. The amount of recipes is also a ratio for your reference. Vanadium Hydride
4) The oil temperature is 70% into the spices (one octagonal, small cinnamon, 10 pepper, 1/3 green onion, onion). If you do not fry the spices, please omit.
5) After the spices are burned, turn off the fire, remove the spices and remove the spices, leaving only the oil in the pot.
6) Then put in the green part, just start the fire, start a little bit of yellow, turn to small fire.
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7) Simmer the medium and small fires to the yellow with a little bit of green, and the lower shrimps. When mixed, turn off the fire and keep it ready for use.
8) Put a little water in the pot, put in soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar, tanning to boiling, turn off the fire. Then pour in the scallions mixed before.
9) The water on the noodles should be wide. Use fresh, fresh noodles. After the water is boiled, put in and cook for about 45 seconds, and remove them in a bowl.
10) Topped with scallion. Mix well and stick.