What is the difference between a smart water bottle and an ordinary water glass?

We’ve heard of smart phones, smart TVs, smart refrigerators and more, but have you heard of smart water bottles? What kind of water bottle is the best smart water bottle? What’s so different from the usual drinking cup? Is the smart water bottle worth buying?

Smart water bottles may not be as well-known and popular as label makers. Many people don’t have them at home. In fact, a smart water bottle is not only a convenience in life, but also better for people’s health.

The smart water bottle has been welcomed by many people, solved the problem that some people forgot to drink water, and also told you how much water you drank. In addition to being able to track the user’s intake, the smart water bottle can also provide a personalized custom water intake plan based on user habits, a big step towards intelligence.

As a smart water bottle, of course, the most basic timed reminder service can’t be missed. Girls who drink water according to a fixed standard for a day can stop counting their time and wait for their cups to call you to drink. Of course, these functions need to download the APP first.

Of course, it can effectively overcome the problem that the water is too hot or too cold. Intelligently adjust the temperature of the water in the cup, so that every sip of water is perfectly constant temperature, which can be used in winter and summer. The material is also made of clean materials. Not only can intelligently remind the drinking time, but also rationally set drinking water indicators based on the age, height, weight, occupation of the drinker, it is a perfect interpretation of technology to change life!

Develop a good habit of drinking water regularly every day, not only can supplement the body’s required water, but also promote metabolism, moisturize the bowel and prevent constipation. Women who drink regularly can also keep their skin hydrated and shiny. So how can you overcome the problem of forgetting to drink when you get busy? The smart water bottle can come in handy at this time!

Regarding whether the smart water bottle is worth it or not, it depends on the individual. Some people think it is worth buying. Some people don’t think so. Therefore, the final choice is still in your own hands.

Below I share the experience and reviews from a user after using a smart water bottle for a week.

In cold weather, it ’s so happy to be able to drink a warm glass of water without raising your hand. This smart water bottle feature is very practical. It is one of my favorite features. Prefer to set the water temperature for proper taste. If the water temperature is higher than the set temperature, the water in the cup will naturally cool; if the water temperature is low, the cup will automatically heat up the water temperature to the set temperature; The screen flashes in real-time water temperature and sends out vibrations for intelligent reminders. The overall temperature control function is very practical.