What Kind of Parent-child Hotel Can Make More Pleasant Journey

With the expansion of the tourism market and the increasing level of travel consumption, the parent-child tourism market is developing rapidly. Taking a child on a trip to expand knowledge and cultivate feelings is welcomed by more and more parent-child families. Accommodation is the core link of broadening the tourism profit chain. But what kind of parent-child hotel can give consumers a better sense of experience?

1. Attractive appearance

Colorful hotel facade

Brightly colored hotels can often catch the eye of children for the first time. The lego hotel, for example, is a classic example of how children are impressed by the colorful lego facade.

Castle exterior hotel

Castle-like hotels often evoke children immersed in fairy tales. Disney hotel, for example, attracts typical representatives of parent and child guests by its castle-like hotel architecture.

A hotel shaped by cartoon characters

In guest rooms and hotel facilities, the cartoon image is enlarged to create an impressive and attractive picture of the hotel. This method has been used in many hotels, such as the Disney animated art-themed hotel and all-star film hotels, which are deeply loved by parent-child customers.

2. Focus on hotel scene construction

As the focus of the image of the hotel, the hotel lobby atmosphere is significant.By thoroughly planting cartoon elements in the hotel lobby or setting up amusement facilities to quickly shorten the distance with children. The Disney hotel in Paris, for example, has taken advantage of the little mermaid and Mickey Mouse to win the hearts of children.

3. Create details and provide theme services everywhere

Create themed guest rooms

Select cartoon images that children of different genders like, such as HELLO KITTY, minions, pirates of the Caribbean, etc., to create a unified parent-child guest room with a theme, which has been a common way for parent-child hotels to attract parent-child customers and decorate guest rooms. In a hotel with a well-known theme park, young guests often have a variety of themed rooms to choose from.

4. Diversified business forms to create tourist destinations

Create an interactive parent-child project

Nestled in the breathtaking Aegean scenery of Crete, Porto Elounda De Luxe Resort is devoted to “child-centered” services. The children’s center, surrounded by olive trees, has indoor and outdoor areas, and two children’s play pools where children can learn how to grow vegetables, play scavenger hunts, and draw faces.

Provision of childcare services

With the frequent travel of parents and children, more and more hotels have launched professional childcare services so that parents can completely free themselves from the burden and make every member of the family worth remembering not only every second in the resort.

Children are a group that needs to be taken care of and individual attention. Therefore, the hotel should design details from the perspective of children, such as children’s bed, children’s bathrobe and slippers, children’s toothbrush and toothpaste, children’s bath products, etc., are all bonus points for parent-child hotel. To carefully prepare children’s toiletries, this should be the parent-child hotel that is different from other hotels is an essential feature.

The basic requirement that children wash bath things to should have has: (1) Unique infant formula: the skin of darling wants flimsiness more than adult skin, baby shampoo, bath dew, its the respect such as ph, excitant is to undertake strict requirement according to infant scalp characteristic, in order to minimize the infiltration of chemical substance. (2) Tear-free formula: children’s eyes and lacrimal glands have not been fully developed. The tear-free method can not only wash the hair but also do not stimulate the baby’s eyes. (3) Natural, safe formula: compared with chemical formula, plant formula is more guarded and gentler.

Compared with mature plants, primary plants contain more nutrients, concentrating all the essence of life, and are more suitable for children’s delicate skin. Room Plus is working on infant formula, no tears formula, natural safe formula fully integrated into its products. Room Plus has launched olive series, green tea series, chamomile series, and other products are all-natural plant essence, providing travelers with the best toiletries. Room plus brand series products make every member of the family have a more pleasant journey.